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Apple Coffee Cake

This is a delicious coffee cake perfect for breakfast or dessert. We always recommend using more fruit than called for – you can never use too many apples!


Apple Crisp

This is a great dessert for a cool fall evening. Serve warm with ice cream for an even more delicious experience!


Baked Trail Beans

This is a surefire way to get the kids to eat beans – they won’t even believe they’re enjoying lima beans underneath all the meaty, rich flavors of this dish!


Berry Cheesecake Muffins

These muffins are too die for – and you can make them to your liking! Although the recipe calls for raspberries and blueberries, you can get creative and customize this recipe with any berries of your liking. Just think of the possibilities!


Fresh Peach Coffee Cake

A farm stand favorite! Delicious fresh peaches get pureed to provide a strong fruity flavor in each and every yummy bite. Perfect for a quick morning breakfast, paired with coffee for dessert, or a great midnight snack.


Fruit Enchiladas

What was once a classic dinner favorite now has a fun dessert twist! Use any fruit of your liking to make these playful dessert roll-ups. An instant favorite!


Grandma Tower’s Chunky Apple Cake

Just like grandma used to make! This cake has a delightful butterscotch sauce to accompany the apple flavor you’ll get in every bite. Whatever variety you use is up to you, but we recommend using a firm apple like a Cortland to bake with!


Peach Dessert

This recipe is a favorite around the farm stand. Its rich, peachy flavor is simply to die for! This dessert stands the test of time – we’re sure this recipe will be passed down throughout any family that tries it!


Peach Blackberry Crumb Cake

The combination of peaches and blackberries is not one commonly found in baking – but it’s one you’ll be sure to never forget! These fruits deliciously complement each other in this yummy crumb cake that’s just as sweet as it sounds.


Philly Style Apple Cake

For this delectable dessert, you’ll need to pull out your Bundt cake pan – trust us when we say it will be put to good use baking this! The more apples you can get your hands on for this recipe, the better.